Facing the Reality

So much shocked I was at that very moment, couldn’t believe people can be so mad, brutal, and disrespectful to the female gender. I saw a video today. People from all over the world who have been victims of rape and acid attack, shared their stories, what they had to go through. Raping a 7 months baby girl is not at all a small deal, just to take revenge or to satiate oneself, men are using women and not only using but also so… so brutally killing them that no one can think of in their wildest dreams. What was the mistake of the victim that they have to suffer so much? Acid attacks, gang rape and then brutally snatching off their private parts. I just can’t understand how people after committing such heinous crimes are roaming freely? They just don’t have any shame and are not at all fearful of getting arrested. I wonder they have so much trust in the system!

People very easily blame it on the woman who has suffered. She must be faulty, she must have worn short clothes, and she must have tried to attract him. You can say that but what about a 1 or 2 or even 7-year-old girl? What will one say now? That they must have attracted them! We cannot even say that only a particular age group of men are committing such heinous crimes!! From young kids to old adults! Today when someone open the television there will be at least a considerable number of cases that one would see of rape only and so many cases are not even reported! On every corner of the world and every second of time a girl is being raped! what has happened to the society. Have Homo sapiens now become a threat to itself?


7 thoughts on “Facing the Reality

  1. It is terrible, the fact that society manages to push all it’s trash on women, if the house is not clean, blame it on the woman, so what if she just got home from work, if the girl is in a crop top, oh her mother just have taught her that, if the girl is older, oh didn’t she look into the mirror. To all of them, yes, she did, she looked into the mirror and she liked it, because she dresses for herself not everyone else.

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    1. True that. Society is judgmental and thinks it is alright to peek in other people’s life. Now is the time to bring the Change. .even after the case of Nirbhaya, the fire sparked only for that little time. We have to change this mind set that we should speak only after incidents like that take place.

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