My Rap πŸ˜›

Crazy attempt to write a “Rap”. It is hilariousπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My bag is wet, I don’t want a cat, though you can rent me a small white rat! huh!
coz I m going mad, with all your chit chat, wearing this hat, on my head! can’t see the fact, of your wreck, well here I am with the whacky whack.


Pursuit of Happyness πŸ˜

Hello guys!! This my first attempt to compose a poem. I hope you will like it. 😁

Exploring it in different ways
spreading it in numerous haze
the one who has it is envied more
the one who hasn’t is worried more.
Can be found only in oneself
element of life, hope to self
don’t search for it out there
you will be lost like a bear.
Always wear a smile on your face
only that will define your beauty, grace
here I come in pursuit of happiness
for that will come only in lightness.

Getting rid of those thoughts!Β 

Negativity. should it be ignored? Many times negative thoughts run down in mind because there is a reason. This may happen because one may feel insecure about something. Just for example, there are times when I feel insecure in my friendship. This may seem a bit funny, but frankly speaking sometimes I do feel insecure when one of my friend becomes more close to my other friend. so that is the point when i start having negative thoughts. Are they talking about me? whether they are talking bad or good about me? and inwint lie about this one, will I be able to get that close again with them? that is a point in life when sanity does not support your thoughts and all you can think of is shitty. afterwards when I get back my sanity, hahahaha, yes sanity, I realise I can be that foolish to think that and not just ho to them and clarify everything.
Yes, ‘Clarity’ that is what is needed when insecurity hits on. I was able to realise this thing that when you know that th e people around you are the best of people, not by looks but by heart, you cannot question anything doubtful. I mean, the bond of friendship is pious. Negativity cannot beat that.
Well, I was thinking about this thing one day and I summed up my thoughts which I wanted to share here.😁
This day that day. Every day I think of things that I should not have done or should have done. while travelling past my college or while laying down in bed, thoughts are running around my head. I just wish all these thoughts could be recorded just like that. but then what about the negative thoughts that I have. like everyone else on earth in fact like every other human being even I have thoughts that I should never have. this is the devil side of me. but then at the end of the day I m relieved of the fact that I was able to conquer those negative thoughts with the positive ones and that’s how life goes by every single day.


Hello guys. the reason behind me writing this post is that for the past few days I have this feeling that I have lost the faith that i had in love. I have lost the idea of meeting the right person. all in all I have lost all my faith that I believed that God has send the right person for every single individual and they both are destined to meet one day.
Soulmate. A word that has a huge meaning ascribed to it. it is not just a mere word. it’s a feeling that a individual experience with that special person. the time when one realise he/she is the one. soulmate is not a word that can be used randomly. whenever a individual wants. it can be related only to that one who is the most special. who makes your dreams come true. for you that person is the ray of hope. that person stays with you in your low and high. he is the one with whom you feel safe. secure.
Sometimes, there is no reason as to why you are so much drawn towards that person. it’s the way he makes you feel special. the way he looks at you. understands all of you. there is always a special bond that connects both the heart together, making ‘two individuals one soul’.

What is right, what is not

We all come at that point in life where we are in a big dilemma as to what we are doing is right or not. But how to get through this huge dilemma. Well what i have realised is that, for some people what is right may not be right for others. This seems to be justifiable by the fact that people differ according to many criterion and because of that the meaning that each have ascribed to ‘right’ is different. As for now, I have concluded that people should not be judged on the basis of anything. Right or wrong can’t be defined objectively, what A person is doing is right for him and what B is doing is right for him. There is no grey area in between.