Hello guys. the reason behind me writing this post is that for the past few days I have this feeling that I have lost the faith that i had in love. I have lost the idea of meeting the right person. all in all I have lost all my faith that I believed that God has send the right person for every single individual and they both are destined to meet one day.
Soulmate. A word that has a huge meaning ascribed to it. it is not just a mere word. it’s a feeling that a individual experience with that special person. the time when one realise he/she is the one. soulmate is not a word that can be used randomly. whenever a individual wants. it can be related only to that one who is the most special. who makes your dreams come true. for you that person is the ray of hope. that person stays with you in your low and high. he is the one with whom you feel safe. secure.
Sometimes, there is no reason as to why you are so much drawn towards that person. it’s the way he makes you feel special. the way he looks at you. understands all of you. there is always a special bond that connects both the heart together, making ‘two individuals one soul’.


8 thoughts on “Soulmate

  1. All I can say is… came on this earth alone and will go alone, irrespective of the companionship you have had while you were alive…..just keep going, through the phases of life as and when it comes your way…..and when you talk about soul mates, in today’s world it’s definition is unlike it was in the past…..and this is not the place where I could share….

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