Getting rid of those thoughts! 

Negativity. should it be ignored? Many times negative thoughts run down in mind because there is a reason. This may happen because one may feel insecure about something. Just for example, there are times when I feel insecure in my friendship. This may seem a bit funny, but frankly speaking sometimes I do feel insecure when one of my friend becomes more close to my other friend. so that is the point when i start having negative thoughts. Are they talking about me? whether they are talking bad or good about me? and inwint lie about this one, will I be able to get that close again with them? that is a point in life when sanity does not support your thoughts and all you can think of is shitty. afterwards when I get back my sanity, hahahaha, yes sanity, I realise I can be that foolish to think that and not just ho to them and clarify everything.
Yes, ‘Clarity’ that is what is needed when insecurity hits on. I was able to realise this thing that when you know that th e people around you are the best of people, not by looks but by heart, you cannot question anything doubtful. I mean, the bond of friendship is pious. Negativity cannot beat that.
Well, I was thinking about this thing one day and I summed up my thoughts which I wanted to share here.😁
This day that day. Every day I think of things that I should not have done or should have done. while travelling past my college or while laying down in bed, thoughts are running around my head. I just wish all these thoughts could be recorded just like that. but then what about the negative thoughts that I have. like everyone else on earth in fact like every other human being even I have thoughts that I should never have. this is the devil side of me. but then at the end of the day I m relieved of the fact that I was able to conquer those negative thoughts with the positive ones and that’s how life goes by every single day.


17 thoughts on “Getting rid of those thoughts! 

  1. I am happy that you have got me 😛
    Dude you know what we think about you. You don’t have to be insecure and well, I know we had one person like that in our past but I guess it is high time we got over it. 😛 Now, we all are interwoven together. We are close to each other and would remain to do so.
    PS: Till death do us apart. Quite literally 😛

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  2. I didn’t read the complete post, as I’m little poor in reading, but there is one thing we all should know, in a 24 hours, we have both light and darkness, we have good and bad, these combinations are to balance things, same is life, with positive and negative… I said that there is light and darkness, how many of us take that as negative?, infact, we rest during that time, and wake up afresh again……I’m sorry I couldn’t read your complete post, but the initial lines of yours made me comments all this….. 🙂

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    1. I am glad that you commented on my post😁. Yes there are times when we wake up afresh, forgetting all about those negative thoughts but there are also some things that we are not able to forget all our life. That is sad though😯.

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      1. You didn’t get me completely….. I meant negatives are there coz you should know what positives are… human beings we have the power to identify what is good and bad and this identification is possible only when you have both the things in front…. Same is negative and positive, can be words or experiences, so that is how two opposite things exist in this world….

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  3. It is quite a discipline to control our thoughts but something we must practice daily. If we let our thoughts control us then we will be overpowered with negative ones and what we think we attract. Remember that. So when you hear those negative thoughts in your head, stop them and replace them with thoughts of positivity. Think of how you can help someone, what can you do to make the day better, concentrate on those thoughts and rid yourself of unnecessary negative ones. It’s not easy oh but so worth it! Oh and one more thing…look inside yourself for your happiness, that’s where it lies. Have a positively happy day!! 😉

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      1. You’re most welcome!! Help others, that always makes me feel better!! In the smallest ways it gives the biggest rewards. Try it…hold the door for someone, pick up something they’ve dropped, reach something off a shelf for them, it’s the tiniest gestures that make the difference, it doesn’t have to be anything big. 🙂

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