Love can be a faithful drug!!


Extrovert or introvert

Hey guys!! I am really sorry I am writing this after a really long time. I have my exams coming this week and I think I won’t be able to write anything for that time too. So here I am.
I was a really optimistic person before I joined my college. Apart from everything that happened side by side my school level and all, I was really positive about everything. But the. Happened,
College, friends, future and all those important things. But, life cannot be perfect. With the kind of life that I myself choose in college, law school, I chose serious life and hard life. I was not what I was in reality. Now after two and half years I realise I am not what I was. I am more introvert now. Running away from reality. Not facing the truth. I don’t know what to do now. I am bad at studies. Though I think I am mature enough to realise things, but then also. I don’t know what negative happened. I am having very negative vibes. I have tried confessing that with my friends and all but I don’t know what happened with me but now I think I am not the person I was before. I think I am not able to get a view point t of alike people.
I know it’s bad not to share things with friends.
But I Have done that too. but I don’t think that is my problem anymore if they don’t realise what value I have given to friends in my life now since I didn’t had that good of friends in my school life. I mean I realise the friendship I had since I have not truates that much anyone before but I think that they don’t realise the kind of value and faith I have given to them.

Help me god! I am writing this so that I could know the view point of others and get some help. It’s my exam time man! I don’t talk to people much, not my parents and friends. I just want to get stable.
Thank you for providing such a good platform. 😇
I feel blessed.